The best approach to learning is to put it into practice! SK8Edu is a STEAM based learning ideation utilizing skateboarding and physical activities to bring concepts learned in school to life showing the application to daily life and practice. 

Classes available-contact for details!


Available for various events and topics:

ex. Sk84Life (Mind, Body, Spirit)

Sk8Edu (STEM Learning)

Entrepreneurship, Over coming Obstacles

Anti-bullying, Champion Mentality

Customized speaking points

Contact for more info!


Beginner to Professional

We offer various programs to fit any budget and goals. Teaching skateboarding, coaching, conditioning and STEAM based education. 

Learn from one of the best as many of our students go onto great things on and off a skateboard!

Lessons - The Skateboard Academy

I am happiest when I am skateboarding!

Team building Workshops

Learn how to: 


Build ramps

 Mind Body and Spirit

All professionally run and fun! 

Workshops - The Skateboard Academy


We have a small shop for all your skateboard hard good needs! Let us outfit you with the best sized and applicable equipment for your goals and budget! 

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