I am running the STEAM Museum in partnership with Mobile Ed Productions as an independent contractor. This edutainment tour stretches from NH-VA during the school year, performing at schools grades K-8.

Our group will also be running the Skydome and Earthdome for this group for 2017-18

Additionally we are launching Sk8 4 Life (Health and Wellness) assembly for the end of 2017 season with this group. Collectively performing in over 1,000 shows per school year. www.mobileedproductions.com

The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia started in 2006 and was called "Gear for GROMS". I started teaching lessons to inner city youth as a way to keep with my passion, it was an all out of pocket and donation based offering free educational after school skateboard lesson /mentoring. Since those humble beginnings starting in 1 recreational center it has grown into over 40 recreational centers (seasonal), full week summer camps, events, edutainment and a self supporting indoor facility offering drop in and membership rates.

Our indoor facility is open currently on Saturdays /Sundays from 10am-4 pm. Youth lesson sessions are 10am-1pm and All ages 1pm-4pm. www.theskateboardacademy.com for more info.


One Skateboard Company I started in 2006 as an alternative to what was happening in the mainstream. Our brand has had a presence and booth at major trade shows in the US and at ISPO in Munich Germany, featured in magazines including the cover of Concrete Wave. We helped improve the patented Tip Technology and other innovations by PSK8 Europe, currently distributed by Eastern Skateboard Supply and been focusing on direct sales.

Our team has always been one of the most diverse, innovative and creative teams in the industry pushing what is possible on and off a skateboard. Community involvement has been the center piece of our mission and proud to say we have been apart of fundraising, design and implementation of many top level skateboard programs, parks and events.

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